Why wear a professionally custom-fitted mouthguard?

One of the most common causes of injuries to your mouth and teeth is sporting accidents. Each year many children and adults experience upsetting dental injuries that may potentially have been avoided by wearing a professionally fitted, customised mouthguard.

Sporting injuries can include damage to teeth, broken jaws and lacerations to your lips, gums or other supporting tissues. The wearing of a properly fitted, custom made mouthguard helps to minimise the effect of a knock to your mouth by helping to absorb and spread the impact, lightening the load to any one particular area. The mouthguard cushions the teeth and helps reduce the risk of teeth being knocked out, bony fractures or soft tissue injury.

To protect your mouth and teeth from accidental trauma during sport, a custom-fitted mouthguard should be worn not only when playing competitively, but also during training sessions. It is amazing how many injuries actually occur during training sessions. It is also important to ensure the custom made mouthguard you have is the most suitable for your sport. Sports where the risk of trauma or accidental impact is higher may require a more protective mouthguard.  Mouthguards for growing children will need regular review for fit, as baby teeth are lost and adult teeth erupt.

An injury to your mouth or teeth cannot only be very uncomfortable, but may result in the need for more expensive dental treatment. You may also need to take time off work/school to recover or undergo treatment. A custom-made mouthguard in this regard may protect more than your teeth.

To find out more about professionally custom-fitted mouthguards contact your nearest nib Dental Care Centre.