Here are some tips:

Eat and drink healthily

Sugary foods and drinks are more likely to cause tooth decay, so try to keep these to a minimum. Eating fruits and vegetables is important for dental health (as well as overall health).

Drink tap water

The best drink for kids teeth is plain tap water, as the fluoride in it strengthens their teeth.

Brush twice a day 

Kids should get in the habit of cleaning their teeth at least twice daily.

Brush regularly

Regular brushing will help to reduce plaque build-up and tooth decay and ensure the health of teeth and gums. Kids under eight years may need assistance with the correct brushing technique.

Floss daily

Flossing once a day will help reduce the build-up of food and plaque between teeth. Kids may need some assistance with flossing to ensure that they are flossing correctly and to get them into a regular flossing routine.

Visit your dentist

A visit to the dentist every 6 months is recommended for kids aged three years and over, or earlier if there are any concerns. This will allow the dentist to do a thorough check of your child’s teeth and it also reinforces good dental care and oral health habits.

Wear a mouth guard for sport 

Playing sport is a great way to keep kids active and happy. Protect your child’s teeth whilst they’re playing with a custom-made, professionally fitted mouth guard. They’re available in a range of colours and should be worn during training and playing sport to reduce the risk of dental injury.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.