Why do over 125,000 patients choose nib Dental?

Over 125,000 patients have chosen nib Dental Care for their dental needs during the past year, that’s a great recommendation in anyone’s eyes. We must be doing something right!

Do you want to see the same dentist every time, a dentist who provides you and your family with all the dental services you may need, not just cleans and check-ups. Then book an appointment today at an nib Dental Care Centre.

We have 7 great centres, located close to public transport and parking which are open 6 or 7 days with extended hours for your convenience. Click here to see where we are and when we are open.

You know when you book an appointment at nib Dental Care you can trust we will look after your health with stringent quality controls and the latest technology to ensure you are receiving only the highest standard of dental care.

You will have access to a range of specialised services including: orthodontics, dental implants and services to assist in dealing with gum disease and other oral health issues. You can also access cosmetic services like teeth whitening, dental veneers and dental crowns at nib Dental Care Centres, we’re here to help keep your smile in shape.

The dentists at nib Dental Care Centres care for your kids and want them to have a positive experience when visiting the dentist, that’s why we encourage you to start bringing the kids with you for a visit before they start school. Initially they will just sit in the dental chair and get a feel for the surroundings so they feel relaxed and confident when it comes time for their check-ups and dental treatment.

You can visit nib Dental Care Centres regardless of whether you’re with nib or not. We are happy to see everyone!

If you are an nib customer with Extras cover you get additional benefits at nib Dental Care Centres like 100% back on dental check-ups and ‘up to $50 off’ your first visit, these benefits just add to the whole dental experience you receive at nib Dental Care Centres.