Manual Toothbrush –v- Electric Toothbrush

The main reason we brush our teeth is to remove plaque that adheres to the tooth surface, and it has been widely debated over the years whether manual or electric tooth brushing does this more effectively

There is no definitive answer to this question as both methods rely on the patient brushing correctly and the toothbrush reaching the tooth and gum surfaces needing to be cleaned. So the answer as to which one works best is different for everyone. If you are brushing correctly with a manual toothbrush you can generally achieve the same results as if you were to brush correctly using an electric toothbrush.

It may be easier for patients with less dexterity to use an electric toothbrush as the electric toothbrush can provide the vibration (jiggling action) required to remove plaque from the tooth surface. However the toothbrush must still reach the surfaces that require cleaning. Young children, people with arthritis or those with a disability, which affects their manual dexterity, may achieve better results using an electric toothbrush.

Chat with your dentist at your next dental appointment if you want to ask which toothbrush might be best for you.