Kids oral health care for back to school

As the holidays come to an end and we prepare to return to work and school, there are a few things we can do to help our kids get back into their oral health habits and routines. Like most things health-related, consistency is key, especially when it comes to teaching our kids oral health routines like teeth brushing before bed.

Most of us probably let the reigns a bit loose during the holidays, allowing the odd nighttime teeth brushing to go astray or allowing sweet treats like ice blocks for those hot summer days. But whilst it’s important to enjoy the holidays, it’s just as important for us to continue our kid’s oral health routines to ensure that their teeth and gums are cared for in between regular dental check-ups.

¹A study from March 2022 showed that around 1 in 4 children aged 6-14 had experienced tooth decay in their adult teeth and were more likely to have visited the dentist for a dental problem rather than for a check-up. The importance of our children caring for their teeth and attending regular dental check-ups is to prevent more painful and costly dental problems and emergencies down the track.

Visiting the dentist as early and frequently as possible will set your child up with good oral hygiene habits for life and instil the importance of prevention. Follow our back-to-school oral health care tips to ensure your child’s teeth are cared for between their 6-monthly check-ups.

Kids’ oral health routine tips

  1. Brushing teeth twice a day- making sure to brush front to back, side to side, up and down, and round and round. And don’t forget to brush the gums too. You can even set a timer or put your child’s favourite song on to make sure they’re brushing for 2 minutes.
  2. Floss once a day. If your child has teeth that touch, flossing will make sure to get rid of any little bits of food and germs that are too small to see between the teeth. Teaching your kids to floss early will ensure their gums are healthy and clean. If you’re struggling to teach your kids how to floss, book an appointment and ask your dentist about flossing.
  3. Encourage healthy eating. Pack fruits and vegetables in your child’s lunchbox instead of sugary snacks, and a big water bottle and milk instead of juice to wash away bacteria and protect teeth. Check with your local council if your tap water is fluoridated, this is the best water for our teeth.
  4. Book your child’s next dental check-up before school goes back and mark it in your calendar. Don’t forget to check if your child is eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and make the most of caring for your child’s oral health.